The Year is 3200…

Humanity is scattered like dust among the stars. The broken relics of a former day litter the sky and men and women struggle to rebuild the glory of humanity’s lost golden age.

For almost a thousand years, humanity spread out to fill the void of space. Countless nations, faiths, and ideologies sent colonists into the darkness above to find new homes where they could live free. New technologies powered by the minds of the Psionics Guild enabled humanity to explore further, communicate over great distances, even teleport. Jump Gates enabled near instantaneous travel over vast distances and intergalactic commerce boomed. But then came the Scream.
In 2665 a wave of Psionic energy washed over the whole of known space. Every psionic in human space died, or went mad with the vast energy unleashed. The Jump Gates fell silent. The core worlds were suddenly cut off from the frontier. A few outdated Spike Drive ships still operated in the outer sectors, but unable to cross the distances to the core worlds there followed starvation and conflict.

Over the past 600 years humanity has slowly begun to heal the wounds of the Scream. Not every world survived its newly found independence, and the worlds that prospered became the hubs of miniature empires. Trade routes have been revived even new Spike Drive ships have been built. Expeditions are mounted to explore the lost worlds in search for salvage, and answers.
Even psionics have started to emerge. It will take time to train the new psionics with the old ways, and nobody wants to rely on the power of psionics again. The nature of the Scream is still a mystery. For now, humanity struggles to build a society that does not rely on a power that it does not understand or control.
Human space is a patchwork, with ancient nav charts long out of date. Alien races have since moved in to formerly human held worlds, and there are ruins of races that long predate the arrival of humanity. Warlords and petty tyrants seek to expand their domains, and brave souls seek to recover lost secrets.

Welcome to the Epsilon Sector.

Tales of the Epsilon Sector

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